French pastry class

We will tell you how to make a work that is as close as possible to French sweets that can be found in confectionery shops with household tools.

Beginners, intermediate, advanced, graduate school aims to improve in four classes.

First of all, master basic fabrics (24 recipes) with popular recipes. (Shoot dough, die noise, tart, pie, etc.)



Cours de la création de la confiserie de France

In the future, we aim to open cafes, shops, classrooms (salons) and also offer short-term intensive private lessons for people coming from afar.

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Cours de la création de la confiserie de France
Among French sweets and Vienna sweets, this is a basic technique recipe focusing on baked sweets.
In this department, you will learn basic fabrics such as Genoise, tarts and shoe dough.

~ Features of the lesson ~
The lesson is a practice style where you make cakes one by one each. It is a small class. If you are new to making sweets, you can join with confidence.
For example, baking sponge cloth, making cream, decorating decoration etc …
Because of the complete training style, you can make sweets quickly, and above all, enjoy yourself.


Airine II Masangkay

Basic Course 24Times

1time a month 8,700yen/month  2times a month  15,660yen/month
*Tax exclude

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